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  • Unique Styles

    Enhance your brand with unique, curated, aesthetic, and high-quality customizable products.

  • Low Prices

    Don’t let budget compromise quality –  we source directly from the manufacturers to ensure you’re getting the best deals.

  • Simple Process

    Mock up your design in our 3-D design studio, receive instant quotes, and place and pay for your order – all online!

  • Fast Turnaround

    Receive your products in as quickly as 2-3 weeks with express, and 5-6 weeks with economy.

We Make Custom Merch & Packaging Fun & Easy

Brands are as unique as the people behind them – so why is the majority of branded merch and corporate swag so monotonous and unimaginative?  B2B products might as well stand for “best to bounce” given the lackluster inventory, limited customizations, eye watering prices, and long lead times offered by commercial retailers.  

USourced believes in a world where buying in bulk is as fun as shopping for yourself.  Our fully integrated M2C platform cuts out the middleman and puts customers just like you back in the driver’s seat. This enables everyday individuals  to customize a full suite of trendy products that can be delivered quickly and with significant cost savings compared to traditional sources.

Building your brand doesn’t have to mean settling for second-rate or bank-breaking products and services. USourced empowers you to propel your business and brand while letting your authenticity and originality shine through.